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Research and Development

Grail Engineering provides our existing clients access to real opportunities to improve their business performance through leading edge R&D.  We do this through a strategic partnership with PERA Technology.

Pera Technology provides a partner that has extensive R&D experience coupled with a strong track record of securing grant funding.  Founded in 1946 as a government initiative to rebuild the economy after the second world war.  Now a privately owned technology based innovation, training and commercial research company.  Pera does not retain any interest in IP derived from projects. The Pera Innovation Network comprises:

Six Business Support Centres

Eight Research Institutes

300+ staff

Partners in over twenty European Countries

Through the leveraging of UK government and European grant funding to pay for R&D costs.  Clients gain business improvement to provide competitive advantage.  The Process works as follows:

The Client identifies a manufacturing and process: issues and areas for improvement within their Business

Grail sources grant funding to cover R&D costs

Pera carries out R&D work in conjunction with Grail and the Client

Grail provide manufactured and installed working solutions

R&D provided free, you only pay for manufacture / install of finished solutions

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will arrange an  initial consultation to discuss your ideas.

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